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The quality of your business relationships is the basis that determines the efficiency of your business be managed, whether you’re an employee or an independent contractor. It’s crucial to prioritize the development of good business relationships. Robert deal management definition Kiyosaki said it best: «Who you know is more valuable than the work you do.» Here are some ways to build and maintain effective business relationships.

Business Relationships

The term ‘business relationship’ is broad and encompasses any connection that has a bearing on a company’s strategic work. According to Pamela Rucker a professional development teacher at Harvard the business world must consider four types of business relationships: customer, team members and stakeholders, ecosystems and industry.

To manage these relationships effectively you must prioritise open communication and consistency. This means putting up thought-provoking content and responding to questions on social media or in person immediately. It’s also vital to follow up with your business connections after projects are completed. You’ll be able highlight your contribution and ensure that you don’t get lost. Never over-promise and underdeliver to business contacts. People will be more likely to trust you and connect with your business contacts when you fulfill your promises.