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A virtual dataroom is a repository online that allows multiple parties to share files. These are used by companies in many different industries to share sensitive files, like intellectual property, and case files. Additionally, they assist with M&A deals, fundraising and IPOs.

When selecting a VDR partner, you should look for one that has an easy-to-use environment and user-friendly features. Security features such as malware and virus scanning as well as multifactor authentication, as well as advanced encryption, ensure that your files are secure. Third-party certifications, such as SOC are independent verification of the practices of the company. Also, you should consider the availability and reliability of customer support.

iDeals is our most trusted partner in virtual data rooms over the last five years. Their software is extremely flexible to our particular requirements and they have always responded promptly when we needed assistance.

A VDR is an important tool during due diligence, offering the sell-side with a secure platform to store documents and potential investors a place to read them. The detailed activity tracking offered by VDR is a great benefit. VDR is also helpful during fundraising and M&A processes to assess the level of interest by analyzing which documents are being examined and for how long. Other important functionality includes document watermarking, branding features and NDAs. A good VDR will also work with your existing digital tools, support your company’s workflows and IT system. Finally, it should offer the ability to customize permission settings that can how to use a virtual data room be customized to fit the needs of each project.