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Cloud computing allows service providers to to scale up or down according to demand. It also offers redirected here benefits like cost savings, disaster recovery, and capacity scaling. Cloud document management systems can provide similar benefits, and provide productivity-enhancing tools that can aid you in your work.

The best cloud document management systems can be accessed via the Internet regardless of the location of an employee. That’s important in a time when remote work is becoming common. A cloud-based EDMS which uses HTML can be accessed from any device with an Internet connection and a browser.

A reliable cloud-based document management system typically requires less maintenance compared to on-premises systems. The hardware is stored in a third-party facility, not your office. This gives your IT team more time to focus on new projects or manage ticket requests from users.

A cloud-based document management solution must be designed to work across multiple platforms and accommodate different file formats. LogicalDoc is one example of a cloud document management system that lets users upload or share their favorite documents from any Windows, Mac or Android device. The dashboard is accessible online or offline, and it can work with other file storage systems, such as Google Drive or Dropbox. It also lets users track changes to documents and view the history of their versions.