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Due diligence platforms provide users with an array of tools to manage data, sharing documents and information during the M&A process. They provide advanced analytics and automated processes that simplify the process. These tools also to reduce the risk of making mistakes and miscalculations in critical decisions. Some even allow the identification of hidden opportunities and risks buried in vast amounts of data.

The best due diligence software solutions have features like customizable workflows and questionnaires which allow teams to collect relevant information in a systematic fashion and ensure consistent coverage. Security features for documents like dynamic watermarks, fence view and redaction are also available. These features protect sensitive virtual data room solution for modern deal making information from unauthorized access. Other features like activity logs and thorough audit trails allow you to detect any issues that could be causing problems.

Automated due diligence software also enables companies to keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. Human teams, by contrast are usually slower to grasp the areas where their methods and processes need to be updated. The ones who employ an automated system will be more competitive in the long term.

Xapien’s Intelligent Automated Due Diligence (IADD) solution combines structured data (databases, etc.) Unstructured data from news sites, corporate websites and blogs is paired with structured data. It analyzes data from the vast array of data and then compares it with the database to eliminate false positives. It will then identify anomalies and potential risks to the deal, assisting managers determine the pros and cons of a deal.