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Traditionally, data rooms are used to facilitate the due diligence process in an M&A, but now they can also be found supporting equity and fundraising, business restructuring, insolvency procedures and many more. For the most part, they are simply a convenient way to share and archive important information in a secure manner without worrying about the risk of losing or mishandling sensitive information.

Preparing documents for use in a virtual environment usually means scanning physical files and making sure that all the necessary documentation is uploaded prior to the start of the diligence process. It is also about considering how documents will be accessed by people outside of your team and creating folder structures that make sense for those users. It is also crucial to be able to monitor user activity and analyze what documents are viewed and for how long they’ve been viewed and whether there are any red flags being raised as a result of the amount of time spent watching.

A specific project management software can assist in ensuring that all relevant documents are shared and easy access. It is also possible to easily update the folder structure of your project or upload any new documents when needed. This is particularly helpful when the diligence process being conducted by a number of different teams involved in the case. Utilizing a flexible and easy to use project management tool will ensure that all relevant information is examined in a timely manner.