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The main reason for using the data room is to ensure due diligence during M&A transactions or fundraising transaction that requires the sharing of sensitive information. They are a better alternative to email and file-sharing services that are free. They offer granular permissions as well as security features such encryption, two-factor authenticaiton and watermarks.

The amount of information required during due diligence will vary by the size and complexity of the transaction, however it is essential that everyone has access to the same documents. A central data room with clear folder structure along with standard document titles and an index master makes it easy for those involved in the process and other parties to find and navigate information. By dividing documents into subfolders which are similar can also streamline the review process.

It is essential to highlight the KPIs that are relevant and avoid filling slides with irrelevant data. The same goes for sharing non-standard analysis that may be confusing investors or lead them to believe regarding the health of the business and growth prospects.

Include a summary slide on each deck to highlight the main elements and conclusions you want your audience to take from the presentation. It makes it easier for investors to switch between a deeper dive into the numbers as well as the larger perspective.