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Turbotax small business provides tax filing software for small-sized enterprises and individuals. It offers a variety of tax forms and offers guidelines on how to file quarterly estimated taxes. It also helps small companies with income tax issues in relation to rental properties as well as real estate. Users can contact support via live chat this article or email, and a curated content hub provides information on topics like taxes and business.

Customers can choose between multiple services, as well as download versions of the software. The most basic option for sole proprietors and freelancers, starts at $170 for federal filing and $55 for each state. The more expensive version, known as TurboTax Business, provides support for S corporations as well as multi-member limited liability companies.

Intuit’s software compares your return to a database of 350 credits and deductions to help you maximize your refund. It’s accessible on desktop computers, the mobile app as well as the QuickBooks online portal.

TurboTax Business requires that you have all of your business records, including the business’s income and expenses in front of you. The software will help categorize your company. You’ll have to decide, for instance whether you’d like to employ the accrual or cash method of accounting.

The program can be used to determine whether you have an expense for business that could be eligible for a deduction. The program can also monitor major purchases and help you identify a strategy for depreciation for your assets. Based on your industry, you may need to pay a variety other local and state taxes. In most instances, they are filed through the tax agency of the state.