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A Secure Online Data Repository (SODR) is a vast database infrastructure that consists of multiple databases that collects, manages and stores sensitive data for analysis and report generation. The authorized users can access the data via search and query tools. Repositories offer a complete view by integrating data sources.

Centralization of data in a repository lowers the chance of structural differences across different datasets. Repository systems can be designed with built-in validation mechanisms that ensure data conforms to certain standards prior to when it is consumed or updated. This allows governance policies to be applied consistently and ensures that data quality is maintained and security protocols are followed. It is also easier to monitor access and security protocols in a central location instead of across multiple locations.

Many data repositories permit you to encode sensitive information in transit and in rest. This stops unauthorised users from obtaining or manipulating the data. This reduces the chance that sensitive information could be accidentally released, which could pose a serious security issue for an business. Additionally, regular backups are a common feature that can secure data from malicious attacks which could otherwise cause the destruction of crucial information. Additionally, many repositories allow for the creation of versions of data, so that when information is modified or changed, previous versions are kept to be used for tracking and reverting. This prevents the loss of important information in the event of a system malfunction or hacking attack.