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Many industries require secure transfer of sensitive and important documents to improve customer service, improve productivity and safeguard confidential data from cyber threats. Examples include financial services, healthcare and law enforcement.

While sending emails is an efficient and convenient method of communication, it isn’t the most secure choice. Emails are susceptible to being accessed by hackers and spammers. This is why it’s vital to utilize a secure document exchange service that utilizes encryption and protocols to ensure that information is not access by unauthorized third parties.

It is safer and more secure to use an online fax platform for confidential documents than email. It lets you to send documents with no traditional fax machine or landline, and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Many fax platforms also offer features like digital signatures and redaction, which enable groups and individuals to create and sign documents.

When you are storing documents on paper do not leave them on the desk for anyone else to take. Also, avoid putting them in a printer shared. Also, you should have a clean desk policy in place and regularly shred old documents to stop them from falling into the wrong hands. When it comes to online storage, be sure that any information you upload to a repository has been encrypted and requires multi-factor authentication to access. You should also be able to determine when and how a document was accessed, which is important in case of an attack on your data or another problem.