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The player also has the choice of stealing any trainers’ Pokémon and rising the levels of Team Rocket. If you value a good story, it would be super worth it to download this fan-made game. Yeah, its protagonist’s past is unique when you compare it to other games. But, it all comes down to a little boy going on an epic journey to become a Pokémon Master. Today, I’m going to describe to you the 9 best Pokemon ROM hacks to play this year.

Shigeru Miyamoto, who served as the producer of Link’s Awakening, did not provide creative input to the staff members. However, he participated as game tester, and his opinions greatly influenced the latter half of the development. The bottom of the screen displays equipped items, rupees, and the character’s hearts or health. The right half of the image depicts the graphics of the original game, while the left shows the color graphics of the DX edition. The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past is an action-adventure game developed and published by Nintendo for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

The best GBA games of all time

The game features new types of Pokémon, including some that were never featured in any other game before this one! There are also some other cool features like finding out what was happening in the past when you played the original games. When playing Pokemon Gaia, I was surprised by the amazing features that were there in a beautiful rom hack. If you do not have a lot of money to spend on Pokemon games, don’t worry, there are plenty of other ways you can play for free. You can effortlessly play Pokemon ROM hacks on your computers, laptops, and mobile phones completely free of cost.

  • There are just a couple games that change the game in comparison to the Crash version but it is the same thing.
  • Just be warned, players might get more satisfaction and rewards by being faithful to the show than enjoying another round of Tetris not.
  • The game encompasses a large amount of strategy, and anyone who likes utilizing a vague amount of their mental capacity would enjoy this game.

Shiny Gold is a good one if you want hours and hours of gameplay and Mega Evolution’s. With an extreme popularity of Pokemon franchise, games about those pocket monsters were of high interest as well. The audience was pleased not just to watch the characters’ adventures in the cartoons, but to actually shape their own story and be a part of the Pokemon universe. Gifted tech gurus managed to perform ROM hack, which means they have accessed what was not meant to be accessed and found a way to change it all. As a result, the gaming community discovered a way to create new levels, graphics, and narratives on the basis of older Pokemon games. The following list is dedicated specifically to the best Pokemon ROM hacks.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire

The birth of the Gameboy advance SP had a folded screen and a pre-illuminated display, so playing games in dark conditions became very popular. After a few years later, the Gameboy advance micro was launched; it is fully backed, small and easily portable. It comes with a long-lasting lithium-ion battery installed in it and is compatible with other software and devices. However, this was not enough for many, which is why the best ROMs of Gameboy’s are now incredibly popular. Pokemon Fuligin is a simple but very solid rom hack where you play as a boy or a girl in the small region of ALORA. Following your big brother’s footsteps, you will eventually join Team Rocket on a quest to work yourself through the ranks to become a leader in Team Rocket.


It is undoubtedly a good move, especially as many people play the best ROM hacks on their smartphones. One of the most distinct characteristics of Pokémon Omega Red is that it is much more difficult than Pokémon Fire Red, so it provides an experienced player with an exciting challenge. All the gym leaders are hard to beat, with their full team of Pokémon.