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Media: Uniswap Labs will attract from $ 100 million to $ 200 million

The Uniswap Labs team is located in the early stages of negotiations on attracting from $ 100 million to $ 200 million when estimated at ~ $ 1 billion. TechCrunch writes about this with reference to aware sources.

According to them, interest in investrandus is shown by PolyChain and an unnamed sovereign Foundation Singapore.

Conditions may change.

The received funds will be directed to expand the product line.

«Our mission is to ensure universal possession and exchange», -said Coo Uniswap Mary-Katrin Lader.

In August, the share of Uniswap ($ 38 billion) in the DEX sector was 70%. The volume of transactions prisoners exceeded $ 1 trillion from the date of its launch in 2018.

Recall that in August 2020, the decentralized exchange team attracted $ 11 million.

Earlier, the developers requested $ 74 million for the creation of the Uniswap Foundation to maintain the growth of a decentralized exchange.

In August 2022, the head of the NFT products Uniswap Labs Scott Lewis announced the interest of the platform for lending on the basis of non-replaceable tokens.

In June, representatives of DEX announced the purchase of Genie, the NFT Weekly competition MarketPlass aggregate.

In April, Uniswap Labs launched a venture unit for investment in Web3.

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