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Allocate dictionary definition

In other cases, project resources may be available at the beginning of a project but not later on as it progresses. Effective resource allocation can result in significant cost savings because it increases efficiency, reduces waste and avoids costly mistakes, setbacks and delays.

Salespeople should allocate time for work in each area of their business. They allocated 3% of the advertising budget to newspaper ads.

Allocateor “allocation” means the initial crediting of an allowance by the administrator to an allowance tracking system unit account or general account. Click here to add the dictionary to your browser’s search box. Novel tumors, which are not completely characterized, can be temporarily allocated to this category. The Power Vocabulary Builder will help you develop a fuller, richer vocabulary 10 to 100 times faster than any other program available. An equal portion of the estate was allocated to each of the sons. Our plan is to allocate one member of staff to handle appointments. Tickets are limited and will be allocated to those who apply first…

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Your Favorite WordsCurrently you do not have any favorite word. To make a word favorite you have to click on the heart button. The portion allocable to the employee’s personal use is generally taxable to the employee as a fringe benefit. Regularly updated mobile applications are becoming essential for small businesses.

  • Tickets are limited and will be allocated to those who apply first…
  • A solid resource allocation strategy helps project teams avoid mistakes related to conflicting dependencies.
  • Once the project begins, it’s important to track the performance of team members and monitor how effectively they complete tasks.
  • Decreasing returns to scale imply the existence of some other fixed factor of production, besides land, that must be allocated between crops.
  • The politicians like user fees, because that means they don’t have to allocate taxpayer money.

In total, there were 8 different design conditions differing by page order and the pictures asked about, to which the sample was randomly allocated. Patients can be randomly allocated to different treatment groups using tables of random numbers.

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State funds will not be allocated to the program next year. Enck said the federal government should also phase out the production and use of the chemicals, and allocate more resources to remediation. Under the rules which allocate Allocate dictionary definition parental responsibility, the woman who gives birth to a child is in law the mother of that child. Blockchain is most famous for its cryptocurrency applications, but data centers can employ it for a variety of business-related …

What does allocate mean example?

Allocate is defined as the act of setting aside something for a certain reason. An example of allocate is when a person sets aside a certain amount from their paycheck each week to save for an upcoming vacation. verb.

More funds will now be allocated to charitable organizations. This elementary categorisation has not been entirely straightforward, and a few of the papers might have been differently allocated by another classifier. The first rule avoids cluttering up the key with identifiers that account for only a small fraction of the total storage allocated. The store is not structured as a stack because storage can be allocated at any time during action performance. The care of women allocated to the routine primary care group was left to the discretion of their primary care teams. Decreasing returns to scale imply the existence of some other fixed factor of production, besides land, that must be allocated between crops. Resources allocated to reproduction will, therefore, be diminished.

DisclaimerAll content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional. Resources, programs, and other services to their clients as needed. The bulk of K–12 education funds are allocated to school districts that in turn pay for the cost of operating schools. Since 1990, municipalities became teachers’ employers and organisers of school activities, and became responsible for allocating resources to schools. Almost every explorer described his tasks in developing and allocating human and physical resources. There are a number of obstacles, then, that can short-circuit the connection between democracy and the resources governments allocate to education.

Meaning of allocate in English:

Thus, we undertook to examine the effect of various approaches to allocating cost when multiple diagnoses are listed for hospitalizations. You will be allocated 4,566 shares at the par value of 20p each.

Allocate dictionary definition

One excellent example of over-allocation that needs careful calibration is in virtualization. In a virtualization system, the physical hardware is partitioned into virtual components. Resources like memory and processing power must be precisely allocated.

Learn about some common business intelligence challenges organizations face and how to handle them. Poor communication among team members or teams can cause a range of problems. For example, a common point of miscommunication is between the sales and delivery team. It simply looks through tonnes of dictionary definitions and grabs the ones that most closely match your search query. For example, if you type something like «longing for a time in the past», then the engine will return «nostalgia». The engine has indexed several million definitions so far, and at this stage it’s starting to give consistently good results .

Allocate Sentence Examples

This reverse dictionary allows you to search for words by their definition. Check out to get words related to a single word. The act of distributing by allotting or apportioning; distribution according to a plan. Costs that have been divided up and assigned to periods, departments, products, etc. In depreciation it is the asset’s cost that is assigned to each of the years that the asset is in use. In cost accounting it is the assigning of common production costs to various production departments, product lines, individual products, activities.

  • They then must assess what resources will be needed to reach that goal.
  • So this project, Reverse Dictionary, is meant to go hand-in-hand with Related Words to act as a word-finding and brainstorming toolset.
  • People who take consumer & taxpayer $ this way are thieves.
  • When the central government allocates resources, it does so on the basis of what the prisons can do for themselves, bearing in mind their access to raw materials and markets.
  • When a device is lost or no longer needed for work purposes, a remote wipe can keep corporate data secure.

In this method, the kinematic errors are allocated to the joints such that the loop equations are exactly satisfied, simplifying the treatment of multi-loop mechanisms. The top half of the students was allocated to the key class and the poorer half to the ordinary one. Federal agencies are required to set goals for allocating a certain percentage of jobs to small companies. In February, Miami city commissioners voted to allocate earnings from MiamiCoin to rental assistance for Miami residents whose rents have increased by more than 20% in the past year. Department of Transportation created the Safe Streets and Roads for All program to allocate federal transportation funding to cities and local governments.

What does allocate mean?

An edge is declared ‘open’ with some given probability p, and closed otherwise, and different edges are allocated independent states. The assignment of particular areas of a magnetic disk to particular data or instructions. Allocatemeans to assign allowances to a WEB source in accordance with SIP Section XX.E.3.a through c. Allocatemeans to assign a share of the available professorships to specific institutions until a date certain.

If requirements are continually added, resources may be exhausted and team members can be negatively affected. In practicing resource allocation, organizations must first establish their desired goal, such as increased revenue, improved productivity or better brand recognition. They then must assess what resources will be needed to reach that goal. Resource allocation includes managing tangible assets such as hardware to make the best use of softer assets such as human capital. Resource allocation involves balancing competing needs and priorities, and determining the best course of action to maximize the use of limited resources and get the best return on investment. The 1985 federal budget allocated $7.3 billion for development programmes… Customer-allocation agreements involve some arrangement between competitors to split up customers, such as by geographic area, to reduce or eliminate competition.

Over-allocation generally refers to situations where resources are allocated at excessive levels. In the context of IT, the resources often refer to hardware or software capabilities such as processing power, memory, data management, bandwidth or other specifications. However, another very common use of the term involves resources to which too many jobs have been allocated, for example, a processor that is dealing with an excessive number of job commands. These 12 project management skills are important capabilities when creating a resource allocation strategy. They use resource management tools to automate and streamline this process and improve workload management.

Allocateor «allocation» means, with regard to CAIR NOx ozone season allowances, the determination by a permitting authority or the U.S. The low-level software which handles the interface to peripheral hardware, schedules tasks, allocates storage, and presents a default interface to the user when no application program is running. There are obviously specific signs for many words available in sign language that are more appropriate for daily usage. If one item or share of something is allocatedto a particular person or for a particular purpose, it is given to that person or used for that purpose. The company has allocated funds for the design of four plants.

Allocate dictionary definition

An example of allocate is when a boss schedules a certain amount of time each morning in order to go over the day’s business with their employees. An example of allocate is when a person sets aside a certain amount from their paycheck each week to save for an upcoming vacation. Join Macmillan Dictionary on Twitter and Facebook for daily word facts, quizzes and language news.

Any deviations either result in inefficiency or place too many demands on one point in the system, such as a given processor. IT professionals need to look closely at a system and observe it carefully to see whether the allocation is efficient and accurate. Allocatemeans to assign an item of cost, or a group of items of cost, to one or more cost objectives. This term includes both direct assignment of cost and the reassignment of a share from an indirect cost pool.

Examples of allocate in a Sentence

If you want more energy, you should allocate a portion of each day to exercise. Whether you’re a teacher or a learner, can put you or your class on the path to systematic vocabulary improvement.

EPA of the amount of mercury allowances to be initially credited to a mercury budget unit, a new unit set-aside, or other entity. Allocateor «allocation» means the determination by the director of the number of NOx allowances to be initially credited to a NOx budget unit or an allocation set-aside. To allocate is to set aside a certain amount of money for an expense. You usually hear about the government allocating funds for education or the military, but you may personally allocate some of your allowance to buying comic books. Project scope can change at any point in the project lifecycle and lead to fluctuating resource demands. Scope creep is a change to the original goals or tasks of a project and can result in continuous changes or unsustainable growth in the project’s scope.

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Definition and synonyms of allocate from the online English dictionary from Macmillan Education. Look up any word in the dictionary offline, anytime, anywhere with the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary app. Your resources can both save and earn you a lot of money.

What does allocate mean in business terms?

An allocation is the process of shifting overhead costs to cost objects, using a rational basis of allotment. Allocations are most commonly used to assign costs to produced goods, which then appear in the financial statements of a business in either the cost of goods sold or the inventory asset.

Resources while still connecting with your audience in a meaningful way. The committee allocated a portion of the funds to a social event. The regulators did not like the way in which the company allocated expenses to its bank units. Directors allocated $100 million to the search for oil. To distribute in shares or according to a plan; allot. This is the British English definition of allocate.View American English definition of allocate.

A file allocation table is a file system developed for hard drives that originally used 12 or 16 bits for each cluster entry into the file allocation table. It is used by the operating system to manage files on hard drives and other computer systems.

It acts a lot like a thesaurus except that it allows you to search with a definition, rather than a single word. So in a sense, this tool is a «search engine for words», or a sentence to word converter. Allocateor «allocation» means the determination by the department of the number of CO2 conditional allowances allocated to a CO2 budget unit or the Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy . To allocate money, time or resources for a specific purpose. What allocate means in Swahili, allocate meaning in Swahili, allocate definition, examples and pronunciation of allocate in Swahili language.